Solar Water Heaters Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Solar Water Heaters come in all shapes and sizes and they are everywhere!

One of my first experiences with solar water heaters was one of those Coleman Solar Water Heaters that you take camping with you.

Now I know what you are thinking…that’s not a real solar water heater….BUT it is.

It’s one of the first ways we heated water and probably the more natural ways we do it with direct sunlight exposure.

It’s simple.

You fill a bag with water, you put it in the sunlight and you cover it with a black cloth to absorb more sun energy and you get…TAA DAAA….warm water.

That, my friends, is a solar water heater.

I love the idea of solar water heaters and I might argue with you that water heated from the sun has a deeper penetrating heat than that which comes out of your faucet but that just might be my crazy talking.

Personally, I love hot water.

I was at a volcano once and at the bottom there were “hot springs” that were clearly heated by all the volcanic activity.

Everyone there that was getting in the hot springs did so gingerly.


I freakin dove right into it.

No little test with my toes and not silly little bouncing up and down and testing it out before I go in.

I know something about me.

It’s that I LOVE hot water.

I love water that is warm that surrounds my bones and my muscles and heats me up.

I live with arthritis in my back (I’m only 30) and my joints don’t always agree with pressure changes….so through the years, heat has been my friend.

But not just any heat.

It has to be heat that really gets inside you.

Yes, there is a difference.

For instance, I have a gas fireplace.

I HAD a wood fire fireplace and I’ve had the pleasure of being around a pellet stove.

I can tell you right now that the heat from a gas fireplace has nowhere near the therapeutic effects on my body that a deeper penetrating heat from a wood or pellet fire has.

I don’t know the science behind it or anything like that, all I know is how my body feels and it is a thousand times different feeling depending on the type of heat that I’m next to.

So when we talk about solar water heaters, besides being really good for the world and saving energy, I’m also going to be talking about other forms of heat that help my aching bones.

Solar water heaters are nice for someone like me, whether they are the very simple ones or the more complex ones available in today’s world, because I love taking time in the shower or filling up an entire bath to soak in.

That takes up a lot of water (which I know is not the most environmentalist thing to do) and it also takes energy.

If I put solar water heaters all throughout my house, then at least I feel like I’m somehow counter balancing the fact that I use a lot of water to take a bath.

When you have arthritis, you stop caring about wasting water when you know a deep soak for several hours can alleviate your pain and you don’t have to dose yourself up with percocet or some oxycodiene.

Pain sucks.

Heat rocks.

So there you go! My first post!

I plan on following this up with more crazy solar talk and environmentalist type things to maybe help others out there like me that don’t want to totally waste the Earth’s resources but at the same time wants to live in a convenient world.

If we all just do a little bit more conscientiously, then it’s a little better than being completely ignorant and we all don’t have to obsessively try to save the Earth on our own by depleting ourselves the fruits of what technology has to offer.

I tried being a gung ho activist and it wore me down. I’ve also tried being a total earth waster and that just never sat right.

So I’m finding the middle ground and hoping to find others that will live in the middle with me and collectively we can make a huge difference.

There’s no reason you have journey in this life alone.

Join me.



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