Take a Solar Shower (Like in the Caribbean)

When I visiting the Caribbean, I saw the best solar water heater that you can imagine.

Something we should all learn from.

It’s a simple way to get heated water and it makes use of the Earth’s resources.

You take a huge black tub and you catch rain water in it.

If it doesn’t rain enough, you fill it up with your own water sources and wait.

The black will absorb more of the suns heat which in turn will heat the water in the large black tub you have placed on your roof.

When you are ready to take a hot shower, you just tap into the nice hot water that’s been brewing on your roof all day long.

Of course a water heater like this is likely not practical in a place like Canada but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Perhaps there is a way we can multiple the heat from the sun to heat the water that is being heated in the large black tub.

Then again, there is also the issue of the winter time.  You don’t exactly want a block of ice on top of you house in Canada.

So..here are all the reason that living in the Caribbean become more attractive.

How awesome would it be if you could make use of a water heating system that is so rudimentary?

Although it’s not filled with mechanical engineering parts and pieces, the water tank on top of a Caribbean roof is a spectacular piece of solar water heating technology and one of my favorite ways to heat water.

water heater


Now, After seeing the photo, I question a few things.

What about the weight limit of the roof?

I wonder how many roofs have collapsed in the tropical homes that use this method to take hot showers.

How awful would that be/

You sitting down for dinner and then Crunch CRASH BANG!

You’re soaked, your cheeseburger is soaked and your wife has to go to the hospital for a concussion.

That totally sucks.

Don’t, by any means get a solar water heater that is not going to work out on your roof in the long run.

China is an interesting place to talk about solar water heaters.

For the rural areas, I can see it working, especially in the areas that are closest to the equator, however, in the areas that are congested with people I don’t see this working at all.

You would have to have multiple solar water heating tanks for the high rise buildings and I’m willing to bet there is not enough surface area for the  water that you would need to supply all the people that might live in an apartment building that is 30 stories or more high.

China is building “up” and with that, they have to build smart and take into account the strength needed to support multiple rooms, people etc…in a building.

To add on the heavy load of water for all those people on the roof is probably something that has to be thought out and built up in the first stages of the building process so that everyone can benefit and no one person gets the dibs on the nice warm water that one building can support.

It’s a great idea.

I’m wondering how new building infrastructure will support it, especially in a world where we continue to look for cheap ways to make things and sometime continue to offer products that aren’t the best in terms of safety.

Can you imagine a whole building being unsafe because of an oversight?

I can.

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